How to win at roulette?

Place a bet on the right number(s).

What amount should be placed and on which number(s)?

This will be suggested by this program.

The player can place a bet for example on a
selected column or dozen without any analysis or preparation, or place a bet knowing that numbers of that column or dozen have not come up for X times in succession. It is logical that after an analysis the chances of winning are better.

For each type of bets X is different. It may be changed in the program. If the player sets X for a column bet to 5, the first message that a bet should be placed on a column, the numbers of which have not come up in the last five spins, will be displayed after the fifth spin.

If we bet on a given column and lose, then not to make a loss again, but to win, we must keep on playing until we are successful or the table limit is reached. Amounts that guarantee a return on the outlay should be staked.

What amount should be staked and how many times a bet should be repeated?

This will be suggested by this program.

When bets of 1 Euro are placed and the table limit is 50 Euro, the
program displays:
6 messages for red/black, even/odd, low/high bets,
10 messages for dozen bets,
10 messages for column bets,
23 messages for line bets,
38 messages for four-number bets,
51 messages for three-number bets,
76 messages for two-number bets,
155 messages for single-number bets.

The program also presents the results of the draws in the graphic chart.

The chart of account gives the player current information about how many times in a row are not randomly selected bet:
Black: 5 draws
Odd lot: 2 draw
19-36: 6 draws
Dozen1 (1-12): 2 draw
Dozen3 (25-36): 7 draws
Column1: 5 draws
Column2: 2 draw
Chart helps the player in making the decision to enter into the game.

program raises the chances of winning, but does not guarantee a win. It must be noted that an electronic roulette system knows the player’s bet before the wheel is spun.

program was written in the silverlight technology. It is necessary that a silverlight plug-in be installed for the browser.